Meet Our Team

MyIQsurvey Assessment has been written and produced by Dr. Bruce Oliver, Business Consultant, Patricia Burke, DCH, LMSW, ACP, Paul Moore, Senior Engineer and Winnie Oliver, Senior Programmer Analyst.  

Now there is a powerful online tool that will help identify your employee and or job candidate top Proficiency Skills and Talents.  Once these are determined, the employee / job seeker will have an excellent opportunity to be placed in a more suited work force position.

Our team has labored tirelessly to provide individuals access to this state of the art assessment.  Now people can use this powerful tool 24 hours a day from the convenience of a Mobile Phone, Tablet, LapTop or Desk Top Computer.  Just think, all a candidate has to do is be given a login, answer a few questions on Part I and Part II and Submit to receive their Instant Results Report. 

Dr. Bruce Oliver

CEO and Owner of MyIQsurvey.Com and Bruce Oliver Consulting.  He has been helping individuals and organizations improve the way they do business since 1991.  He feels blessed to be involved from concept to reality.  Helping one person at a time zero in on his or her hidden talents and skills is his plan.

Winnie Oliver

Winnie Oliver is the wife of Dr. Bruce Oliver. As a Senior Programmer Analyst for a major corporation, Winnie has no trouble resolving the most difficult problems. Winnie always provides organizational skills and deep insight when projects need it the most.

Dr. Patricia Burke

Dr. Patricia Burke has worked countless number of hours developing this survey tool. Because of her unique qualifications and experience, each candidate who takes this assessment will learn more about themselves.  Based on her expertise she has helped to make this a life changing employee development tool.

Paul Moore

Paul Moore has over 25 years of Internet programing and develpment experience. Paul has solved many challenging problems that a project of this caliber presents especially in the initial design phase.  You may not see his programming skills but rest assured he has worked on making moving parts to this assessment website sizzle.

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