"I'd like to express how satisfied I am after completing my assessment. I find it to be easy to understand and I agree with my printable results.  This assessment gives me insight to improve, both skills and my talents.  I am now more aware of my strengths and  my weaknesses. Thank You for this opportunity."

"My name is Jeff Smith, and I am a licensed professional counselor. Recently I was invited to participate in this Business Skills Assessment given by Dr. Bruce Oliver. I found the program to be very effective with increasing awareness of my talents. This has helped me to improve my communication skills as a counselor.

I feel the program has broad application in counseling as well as in the business world. Young people planning to start new positions can also benefit from the program, as well as those pondering career perspectives. This survey is comparable to other personality inventories with the exception of focusing on people's strengths and talents. I highly recommend this assessment to other counselors, business owners and individuals who want to learn more about himself or herself." 
Jeff Smith, MA

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